Brazil Salvador South Mission
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President Aidukaitis (July 2003-June 2006)

Click to Englarge Nelson Carlos Aidukaitis, 63, Pleasant View 4th Ward, Provo Utah Edgemont South Stake; serves on ward activities committee; former bishop, stake executive secretary, Sunday School teacher, stake sports director, high councilor and missionary. Owner and general manager of International Library Services. Born in Porto Alegre, Brazil, to Antony and Maria Dittrich Aidukaitis. Married Julie Belle Van Wagenen, seven children. A member of the ward activities committee, she is a former ward Relief Society president, stake Primary president, Young Women adviser, camp director and Sunday School secretary. Born in Provo, Utah, to Dean Eugene and Belle Felice de Jong Van Wagenen.

President Carboni (July 2000-June 2003)

Click to Englarge Sérgio Luis Carboni, 40, Brazil Salvador South Mission; Manaira Ward, João Pessoa Brazil Stake; bishop; former stake president's counselor, high councilor, elders quorum president and full-time missionary in Brazil Recife Mission; coordinator of Deseret Association; received bachelor's degree in literature arts from Federal University of Paraiba; born in São Carlos, Brazil, to Oswaldo and Thereza Palombo Carboni; married Edite Liana Barboza Freire ; five children. She is a Sunday School teacher; former stake Young Women president, seminary teacher, ward Primary president, stake camp leader, ward Young Women president's counselor, and full-time missionary in Brazil São Paulo North Mission; received bachelor's degree from Federal University of Paraiba; born in João Pessoa, Brazil, to Astrogildo Fernandes and Marisa Viana Barboza Freire.

President Junot (July 1997-June 2000)

Click to Englarge Mauro Junot De Maria, 35, Brazil Salvador South Mission; Árvore Grande Ward, Sorocaba Brazil Barcelona Stake; stake president; former stake president's counselor, high councilor, elders quorum president, mission counselor, bishop's counselor, and missionary in the Brazil Recife Mission; CES regional co-ordinator; born in Santos, São Paulo, Brazil to Jose Roberto Franco De Maria and Regina Simões Junot; married Eugênia da Glória Teixeira; three children. She is ward Young Women president's counselor; former ward Relief Society president's counselor, stake primary president's counselor, ward Relief Society president, district Young Women president, stake Relief Society president's counselor; received a bachelor's degree in nursing (certified nurse practitioner) from Dom Domenico Nursing College; born in Santos, São Paulo, Brazil, to Waldomiro Texeira and Suzana Fernandes da Gloria.

President Prieto (July 1994-June 1997)

Click to Englarge Marcos A. Prieto, 42, Brazil Salvador South Mission; Jardim Simus Ward, Sorocaba Brazil Stake; stake president; former counselor in mission presidency, stake executive secretary, high councilor, bishop, and branch president; business owner; born in Itu, São Paulo, Brazil, to Antônio and Helena Benedicta Catheríni Prieto; married Vitôria Régia Duarte de Araújo ; four children. She is a missionary preparation teacher; former temple ordinance worker, stake missionary, counselor in stake Primary presidency, counselor in stake Relief Society presidency, Primary president iPhone 4 Cases for Sale, Young Women president, and seminary teacher; born in Cacimbinhas, Alagoas, Brazil, to Sebastião Fortunato and Isaura Duarte Laranjeira Araújo.
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